Did you know that the different seasons affect your plumbing? While it might not change much in the way they function, the use does fluctuate with the seasons. During the summer, families with children will usually see much greater use of the plumbing than when school is open.

Some also have sprinkler systems that are used in the summertime, plus you might use water for all kinds of games for your children, such as a slip-and-slide, a kiddie pool or just to spray each other down. All this puts a greater strain on your plumbing system than regular use. You might end up needing to pump your septic system sooner than expected, especially now that many are confined to their homes more than usual.

Some also go on vacation in the summer, and then you have the opposite problem. Your water heater will still heat up water, even when no one is using it, so it can save you some money to turn it to a lower setting while you are gone.

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