Considering how much it can cost to fix the problems that water can cause, it would make sense that every homeowner could have nightmares about water damage. Water seems to have an amazing ability to make it into places where it doesn’t belong. So, does water get into your home when there is a heavy rainstorm? One of the measures in place to prevent this from happening is kickout flashing.

The purpose of kickout flashing is to get water away from the seams between your roof and walls or chimney. These are especially vulnerable spots when it comes to preventing water from entering your home, so kickout flashing plays a vital role in your protection.

The problem is that some homeowners don’t realize the purpose of kickout flashing, and they might remove it, thinking that it looks bad, and then they start having trouble with water damage.

You should check and make sure that you have kickout flashing installed where it is needed.

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