When you get a scratch on your hardwood floor, it might seem like a major disaster. As expensive as a wood floor can be, no one wants unsightly scratches in their flooring. You might start looking at wood restoration services or how much it would cost to replace a section of your floor, but most likely, the prices aren’t going to be very encouraging. There is however another option if you are somewhat handy, and you are willing to do some work to fix the scratch.

If the scratch is deep, you want to start out using sandpaper, evening out the area around the scratch. If it is more shallow, you can use steel wool. Always work along the grain of the wood.

Once you have smoothed it out, use some wood filler to fill in the scratch. Let it dry completely, and then sand it until it is smooth and level with the rest of the floor. Clean it up very well and then apply some polyurethane to match the color of your floor.

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