Imagine this scenario: You need to plug in your phone charger, and you walk from wall receptacle to wall receptacle, unable to find a spot that is open. This is the frustrating reality for many homeowners that live in older buildings. In the past, there wasn’t as great a need for power as there is today. So if you have that issue, you probably have been using power strips as a fix. While this is very convenient, you should make sure that you are using them safely, since there is a possibility to overload them and create a fire hazard.

If you look at the information listed on your power strip, you should find a rating that tells you how many watts it is built for. It could be easy to overload it if you were to connect a large appliance to the power strip. The same is the case if you were to daisy-chain several power strips, connecting a lot more devices to it than it was made for.

While power strips are very useful, some care needs to be exercised to keep yourself and your family safe.

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